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FARM-Africa PRESENTS – the gifts to watch

Buy from FARM-Africa PRESENTS and you can choose from an amazing range of quirky and memorable gifts which represent just some of the ways that your donation can be used to make a difference to the lives of poor African farmers. There's something for everyone, so who will you treat to a camel? Or a seed starter kit? Or even fermented cow's urine?

Better still, FARM-Africa PRESENTS won't get caught in the post because they're sent by email!

Each virtual gift has a fantastic film to send your family and friends via a unique email link – with a guaranteed happy ending supplied by you. Shot at a FARM-Africa project in Tanzania, each our four films star real people who have been helped by our work and end with your personal message. See how it works and how we use your donations.

Watch out for Splash – it's amazing what a farmer can do with fermented cow's urine!


Raiders of the Lost Egg

Chicken £10.00
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Fermented cow's urine


Fermented cow's urine £20.00
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Goat £30.00
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Buying for someone who's not computer-friendly? No problem...

If you want to buy FARM-Africa PRESENTS for someone who can't download moving images, never fear. You can email a link to a fantastic e-card with your personal message on.

Whichever way you choose to send your FARM-Africa PRESENTS, they'll definitely help change lives and mark a special occasion.

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